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Pet Portrait Poster

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Have you ever dreamt of what your gorgeous ball of fur, or...feathers, or scales...would look like as a Disnefy'd Character? Well now you can! 
If you’d like to have your pet portrait more realistic leave that note below the style will look similar to that of the Frenchie in the pictures with the blue background.

With some gorgeous iconic backgrounds to choose from you can bring your pet to a whole new light! You have the choice to have a bust or full body portrait, with or without a background and a choice of names or no names - COMPLETELY customisable to suit YOUR taste! If you would like your pets name above them please leave this in the notes, or if you would like another style of background image please email prior to ordering as this will come at an extra cost.

I take the time to digitally draw your pet from scratch! No photoshop filters, we do it all ourselves to give it that extra personal loving touch either for yourself or to make an amazing gift! Plus you know you’re supporting a true small business as their is only ONE artist doing portraits here at Albi & Me! So you can feel amazing you are helping our dreams come true too!

If you would like separate posters for different pets please be sure to order separate posters and not order them all at once on one poster or they will all be designed and placed on a single poster.

Does your Pet Have Pawsonality? In the notes you are welcome to give us an idea of your pet, are they naughty, angelic, sassy? We can do our best to portray this in the image too! 


  •  An A2 POSTER! Of the brilliant pet portrait sent in a tube for protection!
  • If ordering for Christmas please order as early as possible to secure delivery on time! No guarantees after Mid November!
  • Afterpay is available
Process your order online with the desired amount of pets. ( If you'd like humans too please find the Family Portrait listing and purchase that instead)
Then Email us at or respond to your order confirmation email with the following information:
  • Please have the email subject be your order number so we don’t lose you!
  • Photo/Photos pet(s) you’d like included, please have them in the position you’d like them painted in. Please ensure these photos are clear for me to see and colours of eyes are visible (If they aren’t please describe the colour in the email)
  • If you have previously had a pet Disnefy'd by us that you'd like added (Tag orders not included) please attach that detail and order number ( This is required to add them to the poster) to your email to us and you do not need to add them in the number of members! BONUS! But there must be at least one new pet included- If you'd like only previously designed pets please email us first as you will get a discount but will still need to be charged for poster printing and shipping. Thank you!
  • Background colour, if you have a specific colour you’d like to use you’re also able to add a google image of the exact colour you’d like me to use for your pet portrait background. If you are wanting an image for the background please email us prior to ordering as this will cost extra.
  • If you’d like a Disney font Text above the portrait please describe what you’d like it to say.


  • All artworks are designed in a Disney style and will not be exact replica of the pet but will be as close within the design style as possible. There may be features altered to suit the design style.
  • Once your artwork has been painted, we will email you to confirm you are happy with it before proceeding to print and send your poster.
  • Frames not included due to peoples personal tastes and styles being different <3

Once you complete your purchase with photo attached (in the pose you'd like painted), we will work hard on your gorgeous family portrait and send it over to you for approval within approx 3~7 business days depending on demand- We will contact you if we expect it to take any longer, once happy, we will print your poster and have it on its way to you as soon as possible!


All watermarks are removed prior to printing and are only on the listing photos to avoid stolen artworks. Please note: these are only for personal use and should not be sold or copied.

Thank you!

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