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Christmas Disnefy Pet Tags!

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Turn your gorgeous pet into a Disnefy’d Christmas Character on a Name Tag! Including Rudolph, Elf or Santa! The BEST name tagthis Christmas!

You don't need to settle for the average Joe Pet Tag; Treat your pet to these colourful and unique Disnefy Pet tags only found here at Albi & Me!

We take the picture you have given us of your pet and we create the cutest cartoon version of them possible! We try to include all special markings to make it completely unique to your pet!

    Before printing we will email you a quick picture of your pet and the writing of choice on the back for approval, So please include your email. 

    If you have had your pet Disnefy'd Before! Please email us at and tell us your order number from the order you placed for your disnefy'd pet and we will give you a discount and re-use that same picture and add the christmas extras for you!

    Identification Text on Back

    This is the part where you can have some fun!

    You can include your name, address, phone number (recommended)

    Plus you could even write something funny such as:

    "Have your people call my people -0431 000 000"

    "Mum's ugly crying"

    "Got lost prowling for bitches"

    "I got lost"

    "I know I'm cute but you can't have me"

    Or anything else you can think of! This is optional but we do suggest to at least include a phone number in case your pet goes missing.

    Please have exactly what you'd like written in the text box available to you.


    Colour Choices

    Can be found in the images provided, if you have a specific colour you'd like, send us an email at and we can help you!




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